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SUMMER SHRED - 3 Day Cleanse

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3 Day Cleanse

Per day:

1st - VITALITY Ginger Shot - 2oz

2nd - JUST CELERY (Celery)

3rd - FLUSH (Kale, Spinach, apple, cucumber & lemon)

4th - MIAMI HEAT (Pineapple, yellow pepper, lemon & ginger)

5th - WATERMELON HIGH (Watermelon, strawberry, pear, lime & mint)

6th - PURIFY Charcoal Lemonade (Lemon, maple syrup, water & activated charcoal)

7th - CALM Almond Milk (Almond, water, date, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg & Himalayan sea salt)


**Plz notify us if you have allergies



Replace food with juice. Drink all 7 bottles in 1 day.

Most drink 1 juice every 2 hours.

Most don't get hungry on the cleanse but if you do, a great tip is to add a pinch of sea salt to some water. If you are going to eat we recommend single ingredient foods.

It is normal to have a headache or feel achy the day after a cleanse. The body is detoxing. Drink plenty of water to help flush the system faster.

Juices must stay refrigerated